Tick Toc. Moments in time with JORD

We all know how precious our time is and lately it seems as though it's flying by way to fast. Time manegement is something I've struggled with my entire life. Running late to this, forgetting to do that, it's kind of embarrassing. You would think by now I would have it together, but as a creative, I can get lost in whatever I'm doing. I've teamed up with JORD watches to showcase their beautiful timepeices with you guys, and to remind myself to be more present. 

Wearing a watch that is both fashionable and substantial is something we can all relate to. There are so many choices out there, but I love ones that can strike up a conversation. 

 JORD has made gorgeous timepieces made from various types of wood from around the world. This Frankie watch I'm wearing is made from Zebrawood native to West Africa. Considered a luxury hardwood, it has beautiful contrasting stripes, hence then name Zebrawood. The champagne quartz dial is protected with sapphire glass. It actually is synthetic crystal and not glass. It's second to a diamond in that it's hardness and scratch resistant qualities are equal. So cool! I can easily dress this watch up or down. In this case I choose a more laid back look. 


It comes in a beautiful breathable wooden case, with a humidity resistant packet, wood polish, and a cleaning cloth. Also, Just in time for Valentines Day I have a giveaway for you guys! Enter the giveaway here. It's a chance for one of you guys to win $100 eGift code towards a new JORD watch to gift or to keep! And best part is, anyone who enters automatically gets a $25 eGift code towards their new timepiece! It's a win win situation. Your redeamable code is valid until 2/19/2017 and expires 4/30/2017.  




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Besitos! xoxo


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