Have you ever thought to yourself, what am I doing? Where am I going? What will become of me? Those questions haunted me growing up as I had trouble pin pointing what my life was meant for. Others knew exactly what they wanted and what they wanted to become. So naturally a shy and quiet girl like myself, questioned why I didn't have a strong sense of self.  

I wanted to be more like them. More outgoing, more courageous to tackle obstacles within my own head. What I did know was, I was and I am a creative soul searching for something to feed that desire to create.  As the years went by I dove into different careers and I enjoyed them all. Why I didn't I stick with one? I like the challenge. The challenge to drop everything and start fresh. It could have been a disaster but everything always worked out. Blogging and content creation was something I thought I never could have done back then. I was too hard on myself and didn't believe in my own talents. Now that I'm older, and have kids of my own, I look back and cannot believe how much this feeling stopped me from doing the things I loved. It was so silly. I want to always encourage my kids to dream big, to always strive to be their very best, and to NEVER think they aren't good enough. I am in a good place surrounded by loved ones and have an amazing career. I don't know what the future holds or where this blog is going but I am definitely enjoying the ride!  It has been the creative outlet I've been searching for. I guess what I'm trying to get across is, it's never too late to make even the smallest of dreams come true. To anyone reading this going through the same struggles, please don't allow yourself to believe your own self doubt. Be positive and find inspiration all around! 

So back to business, how fun is this Cape?! I was surprised at the quality of the material and the faux fur. The weight and texture are just perfect! It really looks and feels like I paid much more for it. You wouldn't believe it's from Forever21! I wanted a full on grey-scale look so I paired it with a snake print blouse and light wash denim in the same tones. The western inspired belt, and my Balenciaga really go with everything. I felt powerful in this look so I wanted a statement shoe so I paired it with these OTK boots from Sam Edelman, which are a really good dupe for the Stewart Witzman OTK boots. If I had them in grey it would have been much better but the truth is I don't own them. Yet! Haha

I searched high and low for you guys to find a link to this cape, but sadly it's is sold out online. You might stilll be able to find it at your local F21 store, but I did find other similar options below! 

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