Mamma Mia!

Motherhood- To love another human far deeper than anyone or anything else on this earth. To care for and nurture these little innocent souls has truly been a beautiful ride. Meet Esmé, my mini me from day one! She is by far an alert little lady wanting to know whats going on around her at all times. It's hard to believe she came into this world just three months ago! She's such a good baby and we are beyond blessed and lucky to have her. When she smiles I just want to squish her and kiss her to death! haha. She thinks her brother is the funniest person and loves for me to read and sing to her. The time I have spent with her is magical and it kills my soul I'll have to return to work in two weeks!(insert crying, sad face emoji) Although, I have to be honest and say I do miss my independence, and being at work allows me to hone in on my technical skills. At least at work I can pee in peace without having my three year old barge in! haha. 


Mama's, don't you sometimes feel like you can't catch a break? Between work, chores, dinner time, bath time, story time, where is the ME time? I mean, I'd like to say I don't stress too much about life in general but I do struggle with guilt. Guilty that I didn't play with him when he asked because I was washing the dishes or making dinner, guilty I didn't take them to the park because I was rearranging my furniture. Guilty that I want to go shopping. ALONE. I guess what I'm trying to say is we don't HAVE to be stimulating our kids minds 24/7.  It's ok to do the things we need to do or take time for ourselves without feeling guilty about it. I believe it makes us better mothers if we take a little breather here and there. Date nights are also very important. Javier and I try to get out at least once a month for the classic dinner and a movie. Although, lately I've been a cheap date and prefer falling asleep! haha


Ok, how cute is this blouse from Shein?! Im still nursing, so blouses that are easier for me to nurse in has major points in my book. It has an elastic top I can just pull down when I need to, and just dying over these cascading ruffle sleeves. Bonus, you wouldn't believe it's under $20!



I shot with a cap and without just to show how easily you can take this look more caj. Just insert sneakers or some cute mules!


This is the backpack I use as a diaper-bag. Super cute and It's so much more convenient for me than the tote I carried for my son. Fits everything I need and so much easier to carry. I used to carry pack everything under the sun, but I've learned to condense it's contents to just 6 diapers, baby wipes, face and hand wipes, a change of clothes and socks, burping cloth, swaddle cloth rolled up, nipple cream, hair brush, breast pads, butt ointment, thermometer, travel hand sanitizer, sun block and snacks for my toddler. Sounds like a lot, but in reality it isn't.  Plus, I upgraded this back-pack with fun bag charms too!


XOXO! Karina

Striped Ruffle Top: Shein

Jeans: Levis

Heels: Target

Wool Cap: Madewell 

Backpack: Madison West. Nylon Version Here cute option Here

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