Hi! my name is Karina. Wife, Mother, Creative. I've had this love affair for Fashion ever since I can remember.  I majored in Fashion Design at FIDM in Los Angeles, CA and worked in the field as a design assistant, illustrator, & fit model. Personal reasons, led me to leave the industry prematurely and I found myself missing everything about it. Fast forward to the present, I currently work full time as a Surgical Technologist at a trauma hospital specializing in Neuro Surgery (I know, waaaay out of the creative realm!) But there is a certain artistry to surgery that I'm fascinated with. Ultimately I'm an artist at heart, so I am most happiest and in constant pursuit of creating. This influenced me to create KarinaYvetteStyle. My hope is to inspire and be inspired. To share with the world my love and appreciation for Fashion//Beauty/Home Decor & DIY's. You can do anything you set your mind on doing!  Never be afraid to standout & shine! 

Besitos! xoxo,